Artistic Creative Director

Charlton Dews

Charlton d. Dews is a local Actor/Singer/Model/Visual Artist/Director that received his education at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.  There he Double Majored in Theater Arts with a stress in Acting, Vocal Performance, Dance, Stage Direction and Political Science to pursue Entertainment Law.  A master of both in front and behind the scenes, he likes to joke that he is the ultimate artistic control freak!  Charlton is the first born of three and was an insecure child, uncomfortable in his own skin, but had an opinion on everything.  Sometimes wisdom develops before experience and the ability to utilize it.  He always was drawing and writing as a form of escapism from the world, but it wasn’t until the 11th grade that Charlton stumbled upon theater, which was his true world.  The funny stumble was only alternative to taking P.E (Physical Education), again!  Starring in many shows over his 20 years performance history, such as the Mean Ole Lion in the Wiz, Annie Get Your Gun, Guys and Dolls, A Raisin In the Sun, Children of Eden, Uncle Remus’ Stories, Gershwin at Folly and A’int Misbehavin’, to name a few.  Even though his training had continued on many stages, including in Charlotte and Atlanta, it is when Charlton returned to his hometown of Charleston, SC that some of his best work started to emerge. He has performed in great historical theaters such as Flowertown Theater, the Dock Street Theater and The Sotille Theater.  Charlton Dews then made his first Directorial debut during the summer of 2016, with the new dramatic stage play, “Pillow Talk.”

Charlton Dews actually stumbled ironically into the world of modeling later in life. Upon seeking representation for acting, he was approached by agents for modeling. With some trepidation, he decided to try it out and realized he had a natural aptitude for it.   Coupled with his gift in visual arts, dance, and directing the medium of modeling just made sense.  Through years of learning what to do and what not, his natural gift for bringing out the best in people, when THEY don’t even see it, further made ambitions of artistic creative directing logical in his artistic trajectory.   The theater and arts has always been a safe haven for the formally insecure yet creative to a fault, outspoken actor. He aspires to create more original pieces to expose the various talents of Charleston locals, especially children and ultimately his own production company. Charlton Dews is now working with the esteemed Del Woods Modeling Agency, LLC to expand his artistic reach, to execute the Agency’s vision to put help put South Carolina on the Fashion Map.   Charlton’s view is, “We have so much to say about the world going on around us today and what the task and responsibility of the artist/actor/model is… Is to be a historian, a messenger, a salesman,  a businessman,  a teacher and YES an entertainer.  For a formally insecure, shy kid, I had then learned that the best place to hide is right in front of people’s faces!  I use that knowledge to empower people to be comfortable in their own skin and let their inner beauty shine.”